Primary Symptoms involve a deterioration of mental functioning. Individuals who have suffered with Dementia often lose the ability to care for themselves and become unable to recognize familiar surrounding or family members. If a loved-ones is showing this kind of symptoms It is very important to be diagnosed by a neurology to determine the progress of the Dementia illness or if in fact it is dementia. For more information clink on the links below!


Alzheimer is a form of Dementia Diseases. Alzheimer is a brain disorder that is characterized by a gradual deterioration of memory, reasoning and some physical function. Is it extremely important to understand the different signs and symptoms of Alzheimer. Having an Alzheimer loved-ones required a total hands-on care. You will need someone who is certified and qualified in taking care an Alzheimer patient .


An extensive loss of bone tissue that is the main reason for Osteoporosis. 80 percent of elderly are risk falls that can result in hip problems, unbalance control or walking with assistance. It is very important to maintain a good healthy lifestyle, take daily vitamins recommended by your primary doctor. For more information click in the link below.


Parkinson disease is another type of Dementia. It is progressively characterized by your muscles that can cause movement delayed. and facial paralyzed. It is extremely important to administrator in an efficient manner the daily medication for  Parkinson.  Keeping a healthy and soft food is helpful to help digesting and swallowing .